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Take One Step Forward

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Whether you call them resolutions or goals or plans, in order to succeed at achieving them you need to move toward them.

While I was out on a brisk icy morning to complete my 1-mile-per-day-outside personal goal, I thought of this one-step-forward concept (I know it is not original, it struck me in the moment though). I took deliberate steps that morning and each brought me closer to the 1-mile goal.

It was slow progress (very icy out), but it was forward progress.

And as with any goal, resolution, etc. you set for yourself, as long as you’re moving toward it — full speed, half-speed, slowly — you have a much better chance of reaching that finish line than if you sit still and don’t do anything.

Am I right?

This isn’t anything new. We all know we have to take steps to reach a goal, yet, time and time again, it’s easy to slip back into the not doing it or thinking we’ll do it later. However, the truth is that tomorrow’s success is based on today’s actions.

Do you keep saying you want to write a book, yet have no results to show yet? Write 1 word today (sounds silly, but it’s 1 word more than you had yesterday), then write another tomorrow… before you know it you’ll be writing a paragraph a day, then a page a day, then a chapter a day — or simply a sentence a day. Whatever it turns out to be, you’re writing that book! Finally!

Want to build your business networks on social media? Pick one platform, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Send one connection request, start following, whatever the case. Build up daily. Start moving forward.

Other steps forward can include: giving a sincere reply or comment to a post you liked reading; calling a past client; replying to a request for assistance; joining an online group; RSVPing ‘yes’ to an upcoming event.

Doing one thing may not sound like enough – but if you’ve had the same plan, goal, resolution, etc. for a while now, doing nothing hasn’t worked, has it?

Maybe it seemed too overwhelming.

So, stop and take a serious look at the goal. Is it something you truly want to accomplish?

If no. Toss it. Get it off your list once and for all. If yes, if you still want to see that end result, then I challenge you to take one step toward it today.

And then another step tomorrow.

And so on.

Promise yourself you’ll to do at least one thing and I bet you’ll end up doing more because you’ll feel good about making positive strides.

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