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Interview with Stephanie Vanderslice: The Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life

I have a special guest interview today – Stephanie Vanderslice is talking about her Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life*. Bio: Stephanie Vanderslice was born in Queens, NY and grew up in the suburbs of Albany. In addition to her most recent book, The Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life: An Instructional Memoir for the Rest

Memoir Writing: Interview with Shelley Armitage, Author of Walking the Llano

(This is an edited transcript from a live chat with Shelley Armitage at The Writer’s Chatroom on Jan 22, 2017.) Moderator Lisa Haselton (aka Lisa J Jackson): Welcome to The Writer’s Chatroom. Our mission is to present fun and educational chats for readers and writers. Let me introduce our guest, Shelley Armitage, author of the memoir, Walking the